Club Championships 2016

Base camp.
Base camp.


The last few years have seen Sarum adding variety to the Club Championships by offering novel race formats in compact areas, such as the Moot at Downton, that support micro-sprint type events. This year the Championships were held in Churchill Gardens as part of the Sarum Summer Series midweek evening events.

Jeff runs the line.
New Champion Jeff runs the line.

Planner Joan Hambleton, last year’s Veteran Ladies Champion, came up with a different form of challenge – two line courses created out of straight lines only. Each course had an undeclared number of controls placed somewhere on the line, not necessarily on a feature, there were no control descriptions or codes given, some controls were common to both courses and controls might be visited more than once on a course. There were time penalties (30s) for controls missed or punched incorrectly (out of sequence or not on the course).

Gwyn and Freda at the top of their game.
Gwyn and Freda at the summit of their game.

Competitors enjoyed a lovely, if cool, summer evening thinking their way round the courses. Many found the lack of information on control location and identity a bit unnerving at first but ran the second course with greater confidence, if not accuracy.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the experience and all found the format challenging and interesting. Working out the results was certainly a challenge but provisional results were available on the evening and the final list was confirmed the next day.

Middle of what tree?
Middle of what tree?
Lucy in action.
Lucy in action.
Rachel tries to identify the feature.
Rachel tries to identify the feature.

In addition to a good turnout from club members we were visited by a Beaver Colony. The bright blue shirts turned out to be Beavers from the 10th Salisbury Scouts out for an evening’s navigation training in the park. Having spotted some controls, the Leader came over to enquire about what was going on and soon leaped at the idea of her small charges having a go. So equipped with a map of the novice course off they went, rather like a swarm of locusts, hoovering up controls and gradually learning that not all were on their course. After half an hour or so of fun the Colony returned to take on calories kindly provided from the Leader’s biscuit tin. We took the opportunity to provide all sorts of information about future training in parks – you never know, they may return.

Dave looking determined.
Dave looking determined.
In the middle of a tree?, Surely not.
In the middle of a tree?, Surely not.
Mark models his new design for the Club running strip.
Mark models his new design for the Club running strip.








Coming back to the ‘professionals, congratulations to Hazel Cutler and Jeff Butt who are this years Senior Champions and also to our Vets. Champions, Charlotte Thornton and Ian Peirce, who will share the Muriel Ley Bowl.  Next year it will be the new Champions’ responsibility to plan and deliver the 2017 Championship event.  What will they come up with?

Rachel getting advice from someone who isn't running.

As ever, thanks go to Shane Wilkinson for finding time to take some great pictures as well as running the A & B courses.







Pos’n Name Class Club CourseA Penalty CourseB Penalty Total time
1 W.White M21 IND 6.42 1.30 8.52 2.00 19.04
2 J.Butt M50 SARUM 11.23 0.30 11.35 0.30 23.58
3 M.White M55 9.42 3.00 10.18 1.30 24.30
4 C.BromleyGardner M55 9.12 4.00 10.24 1.00 24.36
5 H.Cutler W18 10.33 0.30 16.35 27.38
6 R.Perry W21 13.46 0.30 13.20 0.30 28.06
7 I.Peirce M70 13.01 0.30 13.22 1.30 28.23
8 K.Cutler M50 13.30 1.30 13.54 1.00 29.54
9 G.Davies M60 11.14 3.00 16.20 1.30 32.04
10 C.Thornton W70 15.33 1.00 17.06 33.39
11 D.Battison M70 12.41 1.00 18.55 4.30 37.06
12 L.Yeadon W70 23.10 0.30 22.16 0.30 46.26
13 R.Thornton M70 20.54 2.30 22.24 1.00 46.48
14 F.Peirce W75 41.18 2.00 31.40 0.30 75.28
n/c L.Wilkinson W14 24.48 2.00 26.48
n/c S.Wilkinson M50 24.54 2.00 26.54



Name Class Club A with controls C with controls
S.Wilkinson M50 SARUM 10.43
L.Wilkinson W14 SARUM 11.10 16.09
A.Yeadon M80 SARUM 15.51
10th SalisburyScouts Beavers IND 29.51

Senior Ladies Champion  Hazel Cutler

Senior Mens Champion  Jeff Butt

Senior Lady Vet  Charlotte Thornton

Senior Mens Vet  Ian Peirce