Club Evenings # 3: Tinney’s Firs

Tinney's Firs
Tinney’s Firs

For the third Sarum Summer Cub Evening we moved out of Salisbury to Woodfalls where Jeff Butt put on an unusual and challenging score event – with a twist! This small area has been used by the club on several occasions but Jeff certainly made this visit a bit different. The area has a good(ish) path network, though some paths are not yet mapped. Off the paths the wood can be quite difficult as the vegetaion and very wet boggy patches can make progress uncertain. as Jeff Said, ‘I think Tinney’s Firs is a good small area which, once Alice has remapped the vegetation (she’s working on it soon) is excellent for a club training evening.

Rollo waiting patiently for Mark to set off.
Rollo waiting patiently for Mark to set off

For Jeff’s challenge he divided the map into three sectors each containing a set of controls with an ascending sequence of control numbers. We then simply had to visit the controls in the correct numerical order although it was optional which order we did the three sectorsOn the map these appeared without the numbers and any description. Easy peasy, except that the map only showed the control locations – no numbers and no descriptions. This meant that most controls had to be visited first to establish the numbers before punching in an ascending sequence. It was OK to miss out controls but the sequence still had to be ascending. Essentially a tough form of map memory but some of us took a pen to write down numbers as we located them – a necessary aid for the older brain.

The Jacobs Junior Squad
The Jacobs Junior Squad; Elara, Cameron and Benjamin.

For the juniors Jeff laid on a more conventional route that they all completed and enjoyed.

Results for the score event are below. Don’t forget to keep an eye open on the website for details of our next club evening in June – see you there.

Thanks to the Woodland Trust for access.

Tinney’s Firs
Tuesday 16 May 2017
Kerry Larsen 113
Dan 89
Mark White 72
Rachel Perry 71
Nigel Benham 59
Charlotte Thornton 57
Joan Hambleton 55
Abi 49
Rickie Thornton 36
Ian Peirce 0 Failed to start EMIT correctly
Maximum possible score was 126.