Club Evenings 2017: #1&2

Roamin in the Gloamin and all that.

The first club evening of 2017 saw us gather at the Hub Club on Wilton Road with the specific aim of a briefing on the upcomin Compass Sport Triophy qualifer at Cold Ash. Head Coach Jeff Butt first took the juniors through the map and gave them hints and advice on how to go about things.  Later on Jeff did a thorough review of the map with  the adults and gave some very good advice on how to maximise success. We all split into groups to consider route choices around a previous course and it was interesting how just abpout every option was considered by someone. The evening must have been of benefit since the club did qualify for the final, being the best small club at the Cold Ash event.  And now for the Final!

A fine March evening saw a small group of 13 adults and 6 juniors don torches for our first club outdoor training evening at the Hub Club on Wilton Road. The evening kicked off with presentations of Club Trophies to some of those not able to be at the Club Dinner the previous week. This was followed by training session where the themes were pacing and attack points. Organiser Charlotte set some interesting challenges although she subsequently felt that these may have been a bit too hard in the dark. Still, as Shane Wilkinson’s photos show, everyone seemed to have had an illuminating experience of one sort or another.

Watch out for the next session on April 25th at the Arts Centre, Salisbury where you can find out how much care you put into checking the control descriptions – vital to avoid disqualification!