Sarum Saturday 4 courses + Wessex Night league

On Saturday 3rd February 2018, Sarum Orienteering Club is holding a Sarum Saturday 4 course event followed by a Wessex League Night O Score at Dinton Park, about 8 miles west of Salisbury;  by kind permission of the National Trust. ( We suggest you come via the A30 and the B3089, through Dinton Village).     Note: Assembly for the Day event will be in the South of the park (GR SU007313; Post code: SP3 5EW); ; the Night event Assembly will move to the Northern end, next to the House  (GR SU009318; SP3 5HL) . Parking in each area will be tight, so please share if  you possibly can – maybe meet up somewhere outside the event and join up with friends to come in one car?

The courses on offer during the day will be Yellow (Easy); Orange( developing!); Green (hard) and a Score.   Anyone planning to do the Night O should avoid the daytime Score!    Beginners & newcomers welcome for both events – help is available.


From 13:00 – 14:30 (day) Assembly at the Southern end of park, next to car parking
From 17:30 – 18:00 (night) Assembly by the House in the North of park, next to Night car parking
StartsFrom 13:15 – 14:45 (day);  From 17:45 (or when sufficiently dark) – 18:15 (night)
                                        Courses close: 16:30 (day);   19.15pm (night)
Fees: All Seniors £6 (day/night); Juniors £3 (Seniors doing both events £9 (£10.50 if EMIT hired)
EMIT hire: seniors £1.50; Juniors 50p (lost Emit bricks £55)

Please let the Organiser know if you plan to come for the NightO to guarantee a map.

Please note that Orienteering is an adventure sport and you take part at your own risk

Final details: Final Details Dinton Saturday & WNL Feb 2018 (2)