Junior Club #2&3: Five Rivers & Harnham Slope

Good planning meant that Sarum’s second Junior Club session at Five Rivers Nature Park was completed just ahead of a thunderstorm. The kids stayed dry, the control collectors got wet! Numbers were up on the first session with 8 children enjoying Phil’s tasks for the evening. Considering that that many of the smaller paths were hidden under long grass all the juniors did really well in finding their controls. Shane Wilkinson again made a nice photographic record.

One week later at Harnham Slope saw the juniors trying out rather different terrain. Coach Phil Conway said ‘Well done to all the juniors yesterday at Harnham, who showed they were brilliant at terrain running!  We ran a short, fun loop, up & down the Harnham slope, aiming to beat our own times, and also learning about re-entrants, spurs, depressions and gullies. It’s really important for juniors to build confidence in woodland terrain. It was great to see our younger ones Elara, Lizzie & James decide to run the last loop by themselves! The older ones practised faster skills e.g. judge when to push hard and when to be more careful, decide whether to jump over or step on the log etc.  It’s all great practice for real orienteering, which is often in the woods.’

Next week, 2nd October, sees the Junior Club back at Churchill Gardens at 5:00 pm as usual.