Classic Weekend

A Classic Weekend

Action from the Sarum Orienteering Club event, the Salisbury Urban held from Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury on Sat 5th Nov 2016.

Action from the Sarum Orienteering Club event, the Salisbury Urban held from Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury on Sat 5th Nov 2016.

Sarum and SOC worked together to put on a great weekend of orienteering by combining the second Salisbury City Race with the November Classic/Southern Championships offering very different challenges to 900 orienteers from clubs as far apart as Cornwall and Cumbria.

We orienteers are generally used to preparing sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-210emto run in forests or muddy fields so the warm and comfortable surroundings of Five Rivers Leisure was very much a luxury and greatly appreciated on a bitterly cold day.  Even the Start Team managed to thaw out in there from time to time.

On Saturday runners had to navigate round urban courses that took them through the streets, parks and schools of Northern Salisbury in the second Salisbury City Event organised by Sarum Orienteers. Courses started in the Five Rivers Leisure Centre grounds and finished at S.Wilts Grammar School. sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-214em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-028em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-208em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-008em





Perhaps not quite as spectacular as the southern part of the city map, the courses planned by Charles Bromley Gardner were very much enjoyed, judging from comments made. The whole occasion ran very smoothly; Pat Hart’s excellent organisation yet again ensured calm where chaos might have reigned. Many thanks to all those Sarum Volunteers who helped ensure the event was delivered in our usual friendly spirit.sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-056em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-132em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-104em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-079em





Winners in the Salisbury City Race were Ben Mitchell of Swansea Bay OC (Men’s Open), Sarah Rollins, British Army OC (Women’s Open), David Currie, Southampton OC (Vet. Men), Melanie Slade, Southern navigators (Vet. Women), Tim Tett, South Yorks. (Super Vet Men), Alison Simmons, Bristol OK (Super Vet. Women), Paul Johnson, Borderliners OC (Ultra Vet. Men), Miriam Rosen, South Ribble OC (Super Vet Women), Alfie Bullus, Octavian Droobers (Junior Men), Lucy Tonge, Bristol OK (Junior Women), Andrew Page, Quantock OC (Young Junior Men) and Sarah Darley, Guildford OC (Young Junior Women).sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-198em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-271em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-261em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-253em






Good results for Sarum Orienteers came from Kerry Larsen (6th, Women’s Open), William White (9th, Men’s Open), Carolyn Dent (6th Vet.Women), Charlotte Thornton (9th Ultra Vet. Women), Martin Goddard (4th Ultra Vet Men) and Lucy Wilkinson (3rd, Junior Women).

sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-188em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-133em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-062em sarum-salisbury-urban-nov16-187emOn Sunday the focus moved to the New Forest near Fritham for the 49th November Classic where, despite the bitter wind on the way to the Start, early runners enjoyed beautiful sunny weather that lit up the glorious Autumnal colours of the Forest. The area used – Eyeworth Wood, Fritham Plain and Bentley Enclosures – provided really enjoyable running on well planned courses. Unfortunately for later runners the day became overcast confirming that Winter isn’t too far away now.

What's not to love about Orienteering?
What’s not to love about Orienteering?

In the forest race Ben Mitchell (SBOC) and Sarah Rollins (SN) continued their domination of the weekend by winning the top Men’s and Women’s Elite races respectively. Sarum runners also posted some good results with Alex Buck joint second in M18E, Kerry Larsen 2nd in W35L, Charlotte Thornton 2nd in W70L, William White 3rd in M21L and Ian Peirce 5th in M70L. Short course runners also did well with Jackie Butt 1st in W50S, Martin Goddard and Nigel Benham 4th and 5th respectively in M55S, Lucy Benham  4th in W21S and Peter Hambleton 1st in M70S.

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272 City Race photos by Shane Wilkinson here.