Sun shines on Sarum’s start to 2019


William White’s organisational skills must be exceptional to have booked such a warm and sunny New Year’s Day for Sarum’s first event of 2019 at Foxbury; either that or global warming really is upon us. Whichever, it was a glorious day to hunt around Foxbury for the controls so cunningly placed by Mark White for a score course that made the most of the features (and bogs) of this little patch of National Trust forest. Evidence of the continuing work to restore the original landscape was very much in evidence but did not impinge adversely on the running.

This year’s event had some interesting new elements that included roving bonus controls carried by Santa and one of his elves and who also carried boxes of sucrose-based refreshments. Your correspondent was lucky enough to find both roving controls despite having to chase the elf who took off in the opposite direction when he saw me coming! An added bonus was the free Hot Chocolate and Mince Pies (and banana sweets) that went down well with runners recovering from their day’s work: great organisation Will.

Nearly 150 turned up to run including some 20 Sarum Juniors with their parents. It was fabulous to see all those smaller sized Sarum tops running around enjoying a real event and not just another after school training session. There were some very impressive scores by the juniors who are clearly getting to grips with navigating in rough natural terrain. Thanks to all you Mums and Dads for bringing the youngsters – and taking part yourselves.

The Score event was won by Roger Crickmore of WSX with  Dan Gallagher, Andy Southby andNeal Jacobs the best Sarum runners. Elara Jacobs headed the Yellow course, just ahead of brother Cameron and Joe and Georgie Robertson took the first two spots on the White course. Full results can be found here.

Thanks to Planner Mark White, Controller Jeff Butt and Organiser Will White for putting together such an enjoyable event and especial thanks to The National Trust for their continuing support in allowing access to Foxbury. Thanks also to all the other Sarum helpers – you know who you are – for all their hard work on the day.

Don’t forget to check out upcoming Sarum events on our Home Page. Take particular note of the Sarum Saunter on 10th March at Great Ridge – remember all the snow last year, surely not again!