CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019: Farleigh School

Farleigh School

A beautiful September afternoon saw Sarum Orienteers gather in the lovely grounds of Farleigh School for the 2019 Club Championships. Last year’s Senior Men’s Champion, Paul Lane, is Bursar at Farleigh School and gained permission for our annual event to be held in the grounds. There was a great turnout not just in numbers but in age range, from some our youngest members to our most senior, Ron Ley.

Using a new map created by Liz Yeadon, Paul, as is the tradition for last year’s winner, planned the courses and delivered an interesting and novel competition that incorporated an unusual handicapping system. There were three maps comprising two score courses and a line course that incorporated an urban route through the school buildings. Everyone had to do the line course and, depending on age, to find controls on one, or both, the other maps. Simples!

After the runs everyone gathered for the barbecue while the results were processed. Reprising his role as Head Chef Mark White oversaw the work of Sous Chefs Peter and Neal who went about their task of producing piles of barbecued sausages, burgers and chicken kebabs to go alongside all the salads contributed by club members. If that wasn’t enough there were plates and bowls of amazing cakes and deserts to follow.

When the urge to eat had subsided a little, Chairman Brian Hart announced the Champions in the various classes. In the Juniors, Elara Jacobs was Girls Champion with Ben Jacobs – Boys Champion. In the senior Men’s and Women’s classes, Ian Peirce and Pat Hart retained their respective titles. The senior Titles went to Denise Mullins and Mark White. Congratulations to all the very worthy winners. We look forward to next year when Mark and Denise will, we hope, plan the courses. Perhaps Mark will have to forgo his Chef’s Hat, or maybe not.

Sarum Orienteers thank the Headmaster and Governors of Farleigh School for allowing us the privilege of roaming their grounds; it made for a very memorable day.

Full results can be found here. A gallery of photos will be linked from here when a problem with the website is sorted.