Pewsey Urban Event

77 runners from many of our neighbouring clubs came along to try their Urban-O skills using Sarum’s brand new map of Pewsey.  It was a rather drear day with a brisk cold wind that made it uncomfortable for runners in the starting boxes and even more so for the Sarum volunteers manning crossing points and the start.  It was a blessing that we were all able to thaw out afterwards in the splendid Vale Community Campus.

The day was slightly complicated by the annual Christmas Tractor Run with 142 festively decorated tractors parading through the village en route to several of north Wiltshire’s towns and villages. Still, our nimble planner Liz was able to make late timing adjustments to cope with the farming community’s contribution to global warming.

Despite the cold wind most runners looked happy on their way back from the Finish and professed to have enjoyed themselves, despite Planner Rob attempting to lead them down blind alleys on his creative courses that made the most of Pewsey. As runners passed the start on their way back from the finish, the Start Team were amazed at how quickly some completed their courses, at first they thought everyone was retiring!

These four happy runners from NWO were chuffed to find that on finishing they were leading their respective courses, unfortunately all were subsequently overtaken.  Still, it must have felt good at the time.

Liz had asked for runners to wear bright colours. It’s up to you to decide whether or not Carolyn went above and beyond in her response. As someone who used to run in tiger-striped tights I can’t complain.

Thanks must go, as ever, to the main officials, Planner Rob Elston, Controller Stuart Fisher (NWO)  and Organiser Liz Yeadon and the usual willing Sarum Elves. Thanks also to Mike Hampton for creating the new Pewsey map which we hope many others will enjoy in the future.

Full results are here.

Keep checking out the website for news of future events.

Sarum wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy 2024.