Hawse End, Derwentwater

Based on a report by Ian Peirce

Sarum’s sole representatives at this event were Ian and Freda Peirce who travelled all the way up to The Lakes to find their way at night time around the woods of Hawse End on the western side of Derwentwater. The weather was kind with no snow, except on the upper hills; apparently everything returned to normal Lakes weather after Ian and Freda departed.

Freda and Ian both had successful runs. Ian gained second place in M80, a frustrating 28 seconds behind class winner Peter Cary of Octavian Droobers. His run was going well until at one point he lost 11 minutes having mistakenly thinking his attack point was the control site.  The first half of the course was the more technical and physical. The second half was easier navigation and boardwalks helped with crossing some wet marshes (see map image).

Freda put in a typical committed performance being first starter and last finisher.  With only 3 in her class Freda was doggedly determined to finish a very difficult course. There were many across all courses who retired or were disqualified, so Freda did very well and deserved her bronze for an epic performance.