Sarum Wessex NightO – Martin Down

Head for the small village of Martin, just off the A 354 Blandford / Salisbury road (not the Martin Down Nature Reserve). Turn at the crossroads in the dip of the dual carriageway. In the village of Martin, turn right into Sillins Lane (signed) and head up a bumpy track to a small car parking area (SP6 3LP; GR SU058192 What3Words instructs.brightens.suffer). Go straight ahead to the CP marshal. Please try to park nose to tail to keep distancing. Parking is limited and tight and governs our numbers.

1:10,000 on A4 waterproof paper, 5m contours. New map January 2020. There are up to four temporary sheep enclosures in the area. These are apt to move at short notice and will be marked on the map by hand following a final recce on 21Jan 22. Sheep enclosures are not to be entered.

Downland terrain with a well-defined network of tracks and many small features and clumps of bushes.

Score Course
One hour score event, as per WNL guidelines. 30 controls to collect. Control Descriptions will be printed on map and available in the Start lane.
N.B. We advise that Juniors under 16 be accompanied by an adult.
Punching start (within 100m); EMIT will be used at this event. Just turn up for your allocated slot time; either use your own EMIT card or collect EMIT card (if hired) from Download tent en route to the Start; sign in with the Start marshal; pick up map & go! Everyone must report to Download (at small tent) afterwards.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct. Key considerations include: we advise the use of facemasks when speaking with people outside your family bubble;

Acting as an ambassador of the sport of orienteering at all times and considering how your actions may appear in the eyes of landowners or members of the public;

Observing social distancing at all times; leave after your race (unless you are helping to collect in controls!)

Use your own hand sanitizer on arrival and departure.

Please limit your time at the event to a minimum to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Arrival times: – 17:30 to 18.30
There is no Registration as such. Hired EMIT cards can be collected from the Download tent. The Organiser will be at the Download tent if you have any queries. This will be sited close to the Car Park using a small grey tent.

Starts: – 17.45 to 18:45.
Adequately spaced queue is mandatory. Only 6 runners in the Start area at any one time.

Course closes: – promptly at 19:45 please.
Control collectors clean hands and come to the Planner near the Download tent at 19.30, please.

Toilets will not be available; Limited First Aid only – be prepared to self administer. No Refreshments or water at the event, so please bring your own.

All competitors must wear hi-viz tops & have sufficient lights to complete their course (take a spare!). A whistle is advisable. This is a straight forward Score event with 30 controls – the points values are printed on the map.

Dogs are welcome only in the car park on leads, please; not at all on the course due to sheep in the area.

Timing System

On the Course
Please do not touch the controls more than necessary – do make sure you place EMIT card onto the bed of the control. Be aware of other competitors and other users. Keep your distance at all times. Give way at controls, be patient.

Finish and Download
After punching at the Finish, please make your way to Download. There’s no need to rush, just gather your thoughts, think “social distance” and get your breath back. When you get to Download, sanitize your hands, remove your EMIT card and place it onto the Card reader. Take your splits print and drop your hired EMIT card into the tub. Make your way back to your car. Have a safe journey home.

Results and Routegadget will be available via Racesignup and later on the Club website, hopefully by late Tuesday or Wednesday.

Orienteering is an adventure sport; you are responsible for your own safety at the event and must not do anything that puts yourself or others at unnecessary risk.

Event Officials
Organiser: Liz Yeadon (SARUM) (Enquiries only to:

Planner: Mark White (SARUM)

Controller: Charlotte Thornton (SARUM)