How To Join

Being a member of SARUM Orienteering Club is what makes orienteering special for many of us.  The camaraderie and club atmosphere at events, both running and social, has helped our children become confident young adults and ensured that all members whatever their age or circumstances are made to feel welcome.

Joining Sarum is very straightforward.  This can be done directly by contacting the Membership Secretary,  or by joining Sarum and the British Orienteering Federation (BOF) at the same time via the BOF website at the link here.

Membership of BOF is not mandatory, but is advisable since your participation at more than three events per year will be covered by their Public Liability insurance.  Many of the other benefits of joining BOF are highlighted here on our website.

Second Club Members

If you are a member of a military orienteering club (e.g. BAOC/RAFO/RNRMOC) and want to join Sarum as a second club, please complete this form and the Membership Secretary will be in touch.

2024 Membership Fees

Annual membership runs from January to December each year. This year’s fees are:

Membership TypeSenior
>26 years
Young Adult
21-25 years
>21 years
2 x Adults & 1+ Junior(s)
SARUM Club Membership£5£5£2£12
British Orienteering£15£10£5£35
Second Club Membership£5£5£2£12