Another dark night saw Sarum juniors gathering at Salisbury & S.Wilts Sports Club at Skew Bridge for more glowstick orienteering. There was a touch of drizzle in the air but thanks to the Sports Club we were able to use the Home Team dressing room as our base. This meant that everyone could come and go from the grassy field without having to take off muddy shoes.

Phil set out two courses. One took the more experienced around the whole field while the other was focussed around the all-weather pitch. The combination of glowsticks on the controls plus the floodlights gave sufficient light not to make the whole experience too scary! The ground staff had been burning hedge trimmings and so there was the added excitement of a small bonfire to pass by, fortunately guarded.

As usual everyone had two bites of the cherry to try and beat their first time which just about everyone managed to do. M70 Ian Peirce came kitted out to run. As an experienced Night-O runner he put in a valiant effort to record the fastest time only to find that he had been beaten by several juniors. Back to the drawing board Ian.

After the fun of running, to much excitement those juniors who were now Sarum members received their club shirts, courtesy of the Spoet England grant. We hope to be issuing many more of these during the coming meetings.

Shane was at hand to record the proceedings.