Junior Club #15: Sea Scout Hut

Thanks to the generosity of 3rd Salisbury Sea Scout Troop we were able to hold an indoor/outdoor session in their hut just off St. Mark’s Road.

The focus this week was on maps and how to make a map. Phil and Peter (and the Sea Scout Hut) provided a collection of various odd shaped articles including pots and pans, a hosepipe, a boot remover, assorted camper mats, wellies etc. and these were placed randomly about the room. The task was then to make a map of the room showing the various bits and pieces in their correct positions. For the older, more experienced this was extended to outdoors with its collection of a boat, various logs, chairs etc. With a help from the Sarum volunteers the children got the ideas of scale and correct relationship of objects in a defined area – a simple map. Much concentrated pencil work produced some good maps for a first attempt

The evening ended with an exciting race indoors against the clock with EMIT controls set out on the various mapped control features and the juniors running to get the fastest time. 17 juniors running in all directions in a confined area gave a micro (if not nano) view of what a forest event must look like. Collisions were minimal.

Some of Shane’s photos can be seen below.

Next week we’re back outdoors in Churchill Gardens. Hopefully the evenings will soon be long enough for all sessions to be outside.