Junior Club #29: The Maze

Junior Club #29: Amazing Victoria Park

After the woods of Hare Warren it was back to Salisbury Parks but this time with a difference – a maze. A maze is a novel way of doing orienteering in a small space, in this case 10×10 metres, but one that still requires the basic skills of orientating a map, route choice and correct execution.

After some frantic tearing around everyone settled down to think about how to do this properly and as the evening progressed all the children seemed to get the hang of it and enjoyed the various courses on offer. For the older children there were options to race against each other and the clock while the younger ones got to do more complex courses. It was very encouraging to see how carefully maps were being used and orientated. It’s easy to forget how much the children have learned over the year.

Although there is a lot of effort in putting up and taking down a maze it was a worthwhile exercise that presented a different challenge for the juniors and they all did very well.

Thanks again to Shane for the photos.

Next week we’re going to the Arts Centre grounds which provide some interesting contour and woodland terrain, albeit on a small scale and the week after we’re back out to Hare Warren.

Your correspondent will be away for the next two weeks but I hope to post a composite for any evenings I miss.