Glowsticks at Five Rivers

With dark evenings now the norm this session took place on the football training field at Five Rivers. Peter had devised training exercises using a super naughty numbers format based around a central grid of 12 controls plus 4 outliers. Two basic maps were used; one having the actual control numbers displayed (Leisure centre Football area with controls (3) ) and one just numbered 1 -16 where the controls numbers were not known. The aim of the exercise was to learn to keep the map properly orientated at all times such that the next control was always the one in front; accuracy was far more important than speed. The courses ranged from being straightforward to complex with some difficult longer legs. With the pitch completely in the dark, glowsticks were use to show the positions of the controls. Because of the map scale it was a little difficult to have the control circles looking exactly as per the controls on the ground – apologies to Finn who spotted that.

We had 17 children and 7 parents, most of who joined in to help the Sarum volunteer team. Chairman Brian was also able to make it and get to meet some parents.  Although the younger children went round in pairs initially they very soon opted to go out on their own and eventually all used the courses lacking the full control numbers. They exercise seemed very popular with all the children coming back to the download asking for another map. Inevitably, as they worked out the layout and positions of the controls speed became more important and there were some impressive times recorded. Trying to persuade them eventually that it really was time to pack up and go home was difficult – many wanted to do another course – please. The juniors who helped collect in the controls took home the attached glowsticks – which would have illuminated bedrooms for the rest of the night.

As ever, Shane was on hand to take some very atmospheric photos, for which our usual thanks. Thanks also to Five Rivers for giving us 4 hours access to the field for a 1 hour fee.

Keep an eye open for information on the next session on December 17th at Salisbury & South Wilts Sports Club at Skew Bridge where we will do some outdoor training before going indoors, perhaps to await a man with a big white beard!