Getting to know our compass points.

October’s Monday session was held at Victoria Park. We had a magnificent turn out of 20 including some brand new faces as well as loads of old hands. For this session Liz had devised an exercise involving the use of a compass to set the map and to determine which direction to the next control. Many of the control features carried two EMIT control units on specific compass points and compasses had to be used to determine which was the correct one.

This made most of the youngsters think and quite a few needed help to sort out initial problems. By the end, though, many were using the new skills to navigate round courses at speed; so, all in all, a very successful evening. Nights are drawing in now so torches will be needed for next month (19th November) in the fenced in sports field at Five Rivers Leisure Centre grounds.

Shane was on hand with Camera and his photos are below.