Dur Hill Level D Event

Many thanks to all of you who came to Dur Hill today. Here are the results and splits: Dur hill results pdf file Index of Results and splits Results as a web page Splits as a web page

SWOA League 2 & SCOA League 3

How was it? This is a BOF Participant Satisfaction Survey sampled event and we’d like to hear how you found the experience. We would really appreciate it if you could spare 5 -8 minutes to share your thoughts by completing the following survey: Click here for a pdf of the results Click here for…

Moonraker Relay

Please see the results here. Moonraker Relay Results Score, Yellow and Junior Relay Results

Wessex Summer Series – Tinneys Firs

Many thanks to you all for coming to Tinneys Firs today and to those who gave in their map. As promised we have placed a copy of the map for you to see –Tinney_A4P-Score . The results are published below: Tinneys Firs Results  

Fonthill – Wessex Series

The results for the Fonthill Wessex Series Score Event show a total for the ODDS/EVENS event but also the score for those who chose to do an ordinary score event. It also lists the controls that competitors visited. The scores below also show the Yellow course results. Results for the Fonthill Abbey Wessex Series Event

Tisbury Urban

Many thanks to everyone who came to Tisbury today. The Results, Splits, Route Gadget routes and SEOUL Points earned are shown below: Tisbury Results View and compare your splits Draw your route on Route Gadget Southern England Orienteering Urban League Points Many thanks to Steve Rush who took these photos