Dur Hill Level D Event

Many thanks to all of you who came to Dur Hill today. Here are the results and splits: Dur hill results pdf file Index of Results and splits Results as a web page Splits as a web page

SWOA League 2 & SCOA League 3

How was it? This is a BOF Participant Satisfaction Survey sampled event and we’d like to hear how you found the experience. We would really appreciate it if you could spare 5 -8 minutes to share your thoughts by completing the following survey: Click here for a pdf of the results Click here for…

Moonraker Relay

Please see the results here. Moonraker Relay Results Score, Yellow and Junior Relay Results

Wessex Summer Series – Tinneys Firs

Many thanks to you all for coming to Tinneys Firs today and to those who gave in their map. As promised we have placed a copy of the map for you to see –Tinney_A4P-Score . The results are published below: Tinneys Firs Results