Salisbury City Race

Salisbury City Race Results can be found at – Route Gadget results can be seen at –  

Moonraker Relay 2021

Thanks for coming to the event on Sunday – we were lucky with the weather and everybody seemed to enjoy running around the very small area but intricate area that is the Moot!  We are also very lucky that the Friends of the MOOT allow us to use the area! The Results are below: Moonraker…

Wessex Night League – Martin Down

Wessex NightO Martin Down – Results Thanks to everyone for coming to this event and parking so tidily – we got far more cars into a tiny space than we had dared hope for – and no bumps!  Sorry about the weather if you were caught out in the flash shower.  The event looked amazing…

Dur Hill Level D Event

Many thanks to all of you who came to Dur Hill today. Here are the results and splits: Dur hill results pdf file Index of Results and splits Results as a web page Splits as a web page