Amesbury Urban 2023

Thank you all for coming to Amesbury for a dose of spring urban orienteering.

We had a few issues to deal with, so thank you for dealing with us, but we hope that you were all able to enjoy Paul’s tricky planned courses!

Apologies to the courses where the course was cut short due to wandering controls. In particular to Course 2 (Brown), where some competitiors were not informed that Control 12 wasn’t in the correct position. This control was believed to have been lost/destroyed and was therefore removed from the course, but this may not have been communicated fully to runners.
The control was then found by a runner (thanks Gavin for saving us the replacement cost!), but any punches by that point were already voided. We have therefore decided to void the leg from 11-13, so to not penalise those who wasted time searching for control 12. We understand that this has altered the results slightly (not the top 3), but we think that it is the fairest result.

The results can be found here.

The splits can be found here.

The Routegadget can be found here.

A big thank you to Paul Lane (Planner), Liz Yeadon (Organiser), Bernie Fowler & Ian Peirce (Controllers) and to MOD Boscombe Down for use of their sports field. A big shout out to the helpers today too, in particular the lonely marshalls who kept a watchful eye at the road crossings.