On a Virtual Orienteering Course, the controls are GPS co-ordinates and your phone is your dibber

SARUM are pleased to have joined our neighbouring clubs in offering Virtual Orienteering Courses to our members.

Using an app called UsynligO, we have started creating a number of free-to-use orienteering courses using our existing map library. The aim is to provide our members with opportunities for personal and family orienteering during the lockdown and for personal training in the future!

For information on how to the use and download the app, see our section on UsynligO.

Current Courses:

All of our courses can be found on the UsynligO website.

Click on the course name below to download a printable version of the map. This means that if you’d rather run with a map in hand, rather than on a screen, you still can!

LocationCoursesStart LocationNotes
Amesbury South

August 2020
(2.2 km)

(4.9 km)

(6.7 km)
Entrance to the Archer’s Gate Pavilion car park.
(Amesbury Rugby & Cricket Club).

Click here for directions
or visit:
Virtual Urban Event.
1:5000 Scale with no visible controls, mobile beeps only.

Medium & Long courses cross main roads, therefore are only suitable for children under adult supervision.
Avon Valley POC

September 2020
(3.0 km)

(60 mins)
South of the entrance to Salisbury Five Rivers Leisure Centre.

Click here for directions
or visit:
Virtual Parkland Event.
1:4000 Scale with permanent markers at most controls.

Off road courses, suitable for all ages.
Old Sarum

August 2020
(2.1 km)

(3.9 km)

(5.2 km)
1st information sign on the left-hand side of the path after leaving the car park towards the moat.

Click here for directions
or visit:
Virtual Parkland Event.
1:5000 Scale with no visible controls, mobile beeps only.

Long course crosses minor roads, so adult supervision is advised.
Please give way to English Heritage visitors at all times.

Please Participate Safely!

Please remember to stay safe when undertaking any type of orienteering – and to stay within the governments guidelines on social distancing.

These courses are only to be used in their current form by individuals or members of the same family, to get out and enjoy orienteering again. They are for training purposes only and not for competition.

We hope that you enjoy the ability to access these courses, but please be mindful of your own health and others. We ask that you:

  • Keep up to date and pay attention the current government restrictions e.g. if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Keep yourself safe, but also be aware and keep any members of the general public safe. Please wash/sanitise your hands pre and post race.
  • Consider this as technical training and not as a race – always give people you encounter 2m of space – if you need to divert or stop and wait, please do so.
  • Support the governments efforts to manage the infection.
    Consider any journey carefully, avoid public transport if possible and don’t undertake excessive travel.