Club Evening #4: Old Sarum

Sarum Club Evening #4: Old Sarum

SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17


After another blindingly hot day the evening at Old Sarum was something of a relief. The views over Salisbury and to the Plain were outstanding and well worth the effort of getting there.


Old Sarum Map


SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17This week’s training theme was Map Memory, if my memory serves me correctly.  Charlotte used the dartboard-like map of the old hill fort and her local knowledge to provide two memory courses one 2k in length and the other 3k with some controls common to both. A score course was possible by combining the two sets of controls.



SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17 SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17 SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17Many controls were sited on trees at root level or higher up with fences, gates and steps providing the other sites. The use of small kites made it hard to pick out controls from afar. The only last minute modification required was to the Start and Finish. We were told in no uncertain terms that banging aluminium posts into archaeology was not on, despite these being adjacent to large wooden posts at the edge of the Car Park!

The 13 adults and 4 juniors who turned up had a really enjoyable time and, after helping collect in all the gear some of us repaired to the Old Castle Inn opposite for various refreshments. Your correspondent recalls that 49 years ago he stayed at the Old Castle when attending an interview for a job and returned soon after with Mrs Correspondent when she was here for the same thing. We accepted the offers and stayed!

SARUM-Club Night-Old Sarum-Jun17

Action from the Sarum Orienteering Club Night held at Old Sarum, Salisbury on Tue 20th June 2017.