Summer Series at Sarum

Nearly 70 orienteers of all ages enjoyed the first warm sunny day of Spring as they competed in the second round of the Wessex Region Summer Series, a series of 14 events being put on by four local clubs designed for both experienced orienteers and those who would like to have a go for the first time. The event was hosted by local club Sarum Orienteers.

Although the day started off misty and a bit cold the Sun soon burst though giving everyone the experience of being able to run in shorts and vests without having to fear frostbite – probably for the first time this year. The appearance of the Sun meant that the tent could finally be dried out after having been hosed down to remove the JK mud.

Assembly was based at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre and Avon Valley Nature Park with Planner Gwyn Davies’  score course taking runners into Hudson’s Field, below the ramparts of Old Sarum, and on into Victoria Park and taking in the streets and alleyways of the urban area in between. For the juniors a shorter score course stayed within the bounds of the Five Rivers site. The event used the score format where runners must navigate their own route to visit as many control sites as possible within a 1 hour time limit. Time over the limit incurred penalties but runners finding all controls received bonus points for each minute within the time limit – something that was ultimately key to determining the sequence of the leader board.

Ten runners managed to find all the controls and gain 500 points inside the one hour limit with James Crickmore (M21) of Wessex Orienteers gaining 65 bonus points to take first place ahead of Dale Paget (500+60) in second place. Sarum’s own Lucy Butt (W21) was third (500+45) beating clubmate Dan Gallagher (M40) who had the same score but took 5 seconds longer than Lucy. Ex- Sarum member Andy Snell was a mere 5 points further down.  The Junior Course was won by Max Duncan of Sarum Orienteers.



Bump of the day was achieved by Jackie Butt who collided with something solid – she can’t recall exactly what – and took home the biggest lump (not husband Jeff) of the day. Although nursing a splendid purple eye and having had a scan she is happily now recovered.

A Junior’s view of the event written by Lucy Wilkinson is here.

Full results are posted here.

A full set of Shane Wilkinson’s photos can be found here – till end of May 2018.

Next event in the Wessex Summer Series is on Saturday 21st April at Royal Victoria Park, Netley, hosted by SOC..