Club Championships 2018: Tinney’s Firs

Club Championships 2018: Tinney’s Firs and beyond.

Despite inclement weather there was a good turn out for the Sarum event at Tinney’s Firs. As last year’s club champions, Alice Butt and Adam Walker planned a score course that included not only the woodland of Tinney’s Firs but the adjacent urban area, giving a nice mix of traditional and urban running. The course combined the Sarum Club Championship with the Wessex Region Summer Series which attracted runners from several neighbouring clubs as well as Sarum diehards.






For the Club Champs the event was structured as a Friendship Relay with pairs having between them to collect as many of the controls as possible within the 45 min. time limit. There were three bonus controls which the running partners had to punch within 5 seconds of each other to count and to make their run valid. Some club members opted to run the score course alone but were registered as running the championships – they didn’t get the friendship bonus, of course, or the Wessex Series bonus points.

After all the physical exertion it was time to relax and enjoy the Club BBQ which was based at Redlynch Social Club.  With the club providing the charred protein, members brought along a great selection of salads and deserts which, together with drinks from the Bar took minds off the charcoal.

This is a disservice to Head Chef Mark and Sous Chef Peter, who braved the rain – they were under a shelter – to cook the steaks, chicken, burgers, sausages, peppers and Halloumi cheese to the satisfaction of the hungry hoards indoors.

In the background the IT team sorted out the results with Hazel Cutler and Paul Lane duly being crowned as senior Club Champions for 2018. The Muriel Ley Trophy for the senior champions went to Pat Hart and Dave Mullins. We look forward to seeing what challenges Hazel and Paul can come up with for next year,

For the Wessex Region Summer Series event James Crickmore of WSX scored 490 points with Alan Blanchflower (WSX) and Karen Baker (BAOC) both scoring 440.

Many thanks to Alice and Adam for planning, Lucy for organising, Jeff for controlling, Brian for computers, Mark and Peter for burning charcoal and everyone else for coming along and making it all worthwhile. Thanks also to the Woodland Trust for access to Tinney’s Firs and to Redlynch Social Club for the welcome use of their facilities.

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