Juniors Light Up Harnham Slope

Fortunately we were spared the earlier torrential rain and, apart from a short patch of drizzle, the evening was dry, even if the chalk slopes were a bit slippery. A good turnout of children had a confidence-building glow-stick course to follow. Everyone had a good torch to help navigate the humps and bumps of Harnham Slope and after a walk-round to get the feel of things it was time to go it alone. Some children went in pairs initially but after a couple of runs everyone was running on their own thoroughly enjoying themselves haring around the course by torchlight.

A few local dog walkers were a bit taken aback by the apparent infestation of giant glow worms but the ‘guardian angel’ adults keeping an eye on the remoter parts of the course were able to explain what was going on; it was nice to see their positive reactions.

One EMIT brick seemed to have gone AWOL at the end but it was found safely sleeping in a pocket!