Junior Club #16: Churchill Gardens

With the days starting to get longer we found ourselves worrying about whether or not the evening would be dark enough for this session. It turned out to be quite fun starting off in the light and finishing in the dark with glow circles, as opposed to sticks, showing up the controls. For everyone there was a typical O-course set out in Churchill Gardens, made interesting by climbing over the only hill in the area and crossing a couple of bridges across the central, very full, ditch. The sunset behind the Cathedral just added to the atmosphere. By the time it was really dark this was a very exciting experience.

For the older children there was also a Map memory challenge where they had 10 seconds to look at the map before setting off to find single controls. From the top of the hill it was great to see torches moving around the park. The children have gained so much confidence now.

Hopefully some of the juniors will be able to make it to Dinton Park on Saturday to try out their skills.

Next week the juniors meet at the Salisbury & S.Wilts Sports Club at Skew Bridge on Wilton Road; do come along.