Mass starts at Sports Club

The last meeting before half term saw the juniors back at Salisbury & S.Wilts Sports Club at Skew Bridge for another day/night training session. We were pleased to welcome Art, Guy’s brother, to his first session. The evening started with some warm up exercises to ward off the cool of the evening before moving on the some navigation.

Phil had set out two courses, one long and one short, for the older and younger ones respectively. For a change the races involved mass starts which, on the longer course certainly, gave the children opportunity to try to pace their runs so that they didn’t run out of steam too soon. Both courses finished off with a close group of controls set out a bit like a butterfly course just in front of the sports pavilion, rather like a spectator control. This gave the coaches, volunteers and parents the chance to cheer on the youngsters and create something of a competitive atmosphere.

Having got their breath back everyone had the chance either to go and beat their time or to try a different course. By this time the sun had set so night orienteering skills and head torches came into use. As ever all had a great time and departed happy and looking forward to the start of the next group of sessions on February 19th at Victoria Park, Castle Road when we will think again about how to orientate the map and use it to navigate round a course. Hope to see you all there.