Junior Club #22. Orienteers grow on trees

Avon Valley Nature Park

Orienteers do grow on trees

After the disappointment of last week when the session had to be cancelled because of snow and cold weather, and not because of espionage activity, everyone was excited to have the opportunity to run outdoors again.

For this week, Phil had planned a fun relay race around the Avon Valley nature Park at Five Rivers using two separate courses.  For this each team had 4 members – two runners had to do a long course and the other two a short course. One of each pair went off and on return, handed over their map to the others- but they had to wait until both of the first pair was back. Then, when the second pair came back, the first pair had to do the course again but this time visiting the controls in reverse order and so on until all team members had run the courses twice each. There were 4 junior teams plus one senior team which had to race for their lives to avoid being beaten by the juniors!  Lots of laughter & cheering on! So loud was the cheering that when Alan Yeadon arrived to pick up Liz he had no problem in locating where everyone was!

Thanks, as always, to the Sarum volunteer helpers who support Phil’s sessions and to the parents who bring the children along and, as today, take part.

Shane was again on hand with the long lens and took some great pictures.

There is now a break over the Easter holidays but the juniors will be back in action on Monday 16th April. Details of this and other sessions will be available after the JK.