Speedsters on the Slope

The last time we were here in was winter and dark and glow sticks were everywhere so it was great to have a nice warm, light Spring evening to allow us to use the whole area. Phil planned a challenging course for team relays that took us up steep slopes, off paths and over and around the humps and bumps on a course that was new to everyone. There was another good turnout of 17 children, with three first timers, so it was great to have lots of Mums and Sarum members to help the younger ones get round and generally contribute to a degree of crowd control.

We had four teams of four. Firstly two teams ran the course clockwise and two anticlockwise and for the second race each team ran the reverse direction.  It was most felt that it was harder running the course anticlockwise as this involved having to climb of the steps which seemed harder than climbing up the slope.

Race 1 Race 2 Race 1 Race 2
Team Alpha Team Britain (aka Team Benjy)
Cam 3:51 3:47 Benjy 3:08 3:28
Will 4:31 3:48 Toby 3:35 3:53
Toby 5:18 3:37 James 5:09 4:46
Jacob 6:34 5:23 Ollie 2:59 3:22
Total 20:14 16:35 14:51 15:29
Team Cool Team Dudes
Lucy 4:23 3:56 Tilda 4:26 EMIT error
Zoe 6:04 3:38 Elara 3:58 5:25
Isla 4:49 4:25 Bea 4:30 4:40
Alice 6:57 4:52 Annie 4:53 (m9,10) 5:28
Total 22:13 16:51 17:51 15:23


Well done to Team Britain, some great times there but everyone did really well and can be proud of their times. Also, well done Tom who went round the course twice with his Mum with times of 9:30 and 8:35.

Thanks again to Shane for some super action shots, some of which are below.

Hope to see you all again next week when we go to Old Sarum for the first time. Somewhere you really can run rings around people.