Going round in circles at Old Sarum

Phew!  A record turnout of 22 children, 13 boys and 9 girls, which stretched the helpers a little. Many thanks to all those Mums who helped with the cat herding. Although there was quite a strong wind we did get some evening sunshine which made the first session at Old Sarum very pleasant indeed.

The exercise to day was to use a map to identify controls and then to take a control kite out to a selected control and leave it secured to the feature. Children went out in pairs (mostly) and having left their kite they handed their map over to another pair who had to find and retrieve the kite. Although things got a bit rushed at times this worked out well and helped the children with how to use the map to identify features and their location on the ground.

For a final bit of fitness training Phil organised a circular handicap race around the old castle site with starting position based on height. Polly  led the children round and the juniors sped off in pursuit. Rose  just managed to hold off Will  by a couple of yards to take first place. There was just time for Shane to get the juniors jog in line round one of the hill fort ramparts for a great photo.

The full folder of Shane’s photos can be found here.

A video compilation of the evening’s activities is below. Just click on the icon to start – and turn on the speakers for some atmospheric music.