Junior Club #26 and #27: Harnham Slope (west) and Old Sarum

Having missed a session because of the Bank Holiday we got back together on Harnham Slope for session #26, this time on the West side of the slope on a lovely summer evening. This is totally different to the humps and bumps we experience on the East side so this time we focussed on hill running as part of a circular course that took in about half of this new area.

18 children took part and raced the course as individuals starting at intervals – a sort of handicap. For the second run the children ran to try to beat their first time. Over the two legs Alfie had the best times of 4:21 and 4:25 – Mr. Consistency.  Rose gave the most improved second run – about two minutes faster the second time round. This may have had something to do with the fact that she helped her friend Georgia in the first race.

One week later we were back at Old Sarum for session #27 with 16 children.  Although it started out sunny showers were forecast and we could see dark thunder clouds heading our way. We almost got away with it until near the end when the spots of rain became heavier and there was one big clap of thunder, whereupon it stopped raining.

We split up into small groups of two or three for exercises on map reading and route choice. We reminded ourselves about the FORT technique and practised orientating the map before some Star exercises. These were followed up by making up short course of a few controls where children could race against others in their group. At the end many of the children helped to collect in controls on their own – a good challenge.

We had some very late excitement when we found that a kind person from English Heritage locked the gate trapping Phil’s vehicle inside. Fortunately a contractor turned up who knew the lock combination and let Phil out. That’ll teach us to finish on time!

The second May Bank Holiday means that the next Junior Club session will be on June 4th . This will be at Hare Warren, near Salisbury Race Course, a new venue for the junior club.  Look out for details.