Junior Club #28: Hare Warren

Out in the Woods

Hare Warren, on the ridge south of Wilton House, saw the juniors let loose on some real woodland courses. Three courses of White, Yellow and Orange standard were set out to match the different skill levels of the youngsters. Hare Warren has a good path network but the density of the undergrowth makes it difficult to see into the woods and makes some path junctions a bit obscure at times. Judicious use of red tape helped eliminate most escape routes from the area we were using.

As ever, Shane was on hand with the camera to record a very high smile index. Click on the video below to see a collation of the best of Shane’s photos.

Each skill group had some focused coaching before their runs. The older children ran individually on the orange route, those a bit less skilled ran the yellow course, some in pairs, some alone, and the youngest were more closely monitored and mentored. The smile index seemed to show that the enjoyment levels were high. It was great to have Mums helping again and to see several Mums also trying the courses and smiling just as much as the children.

Zoe did exceptionally well to recover from a mistake early on that took her well out of the running area. She showed amazing determination and resilience to relocate successfully and finish what turned out to be the longest run of the evening. Well done Zoe.

Next week we will be back at Victoria Park but this time there will be a maze to make everyone think carefully about picking the correct control.

We shall be circulating a list of other local orienteering events that would be suitable for juniors and where we would be able to give coaching. Hope you can make it to some of these.

A few extra images from a great evening are below.