Juniors Defy December Damp and Darkness

On a dark and damp December evening the Sarum Juniors met again at the Arts Centre, this time to experience the challenges of a score event.  Despite it being her Birthday, Charlotte had planned a score course with three options: odds and evens, evens and odds or straight score. The idea was to give an experience of a proper start layout with timed starts and the need to plan ahead to make decisions such as which course option, where to change from odds to evens as well as route choice. Head torches were a must and glowsticks, or glow loops on this occasion, helped locate controls.

There was a good turn out with and it was great to see some of our newer juniors, especially Charlotte and Olivia Cooke, coming along to a training evening.  At the end there was much exchanging of seasonal greetings and we all dispersed until the New Year.  Many thanks to Jo Halsey for the scrumptious Fudge.

Thanks to Charlotte and Liz for the planning and organising and the usual crew for their support on the night (and in the afternoon!).

After all the kit was safely gathered in the Team repaired to a local hostelry, The Royal George, to help Charlotte celebrate her birthday.

Gallery below. Click on images to enlarge.