Orienteering on the way back?

This has been a hard year for everyone. Our sport has suffered as much as any other, despite that fact that navigating around forests or heathland is as good away as any of achieving social distancing. 

Maprun events and such have helped, though not to everyone’s taste. Things are starting to improve, however, with some clubs starting to put on more conventional events that incorporate means of achieving the necessary physical separation. These rules are easy to understand and observe and everyone should respect them in order to allow the continuation and possible expansion of orienteering

To find out what may be on offer keep an eye on your email for information and check out the British Orienteering, SWOA, SCOA  and local club websites. 

Information on possible future local and regional events are available on the Sarum website and we will try to keep these as up to date as possible. Keep your fingers crossed but, above all, stay safe and well.