Foxbury Plantation

We hope you enjoyed running at Foxbury Plantation on the new map – if you have any comments about the map, please send us a message via the website!

Message from The National Trust

The National Trust thanks Sarum Orienteering for choosing Foxbury as a location for their orienteering event. It was a very successful day and shows us that Foxbury has a bright future with orienteering. We would really appreciate runners who attended this event to fill in this online survey, so we can make the next event better.

National Trust Foxbury Plantation Survey

Foxbury is a heathland restoration project from which the Trust run guided wildlife walks and volunteering opportunities (such as practical conservation work, wildlife survey work and events management), if you would like to get involved and/or join our rangers to learn about heathland wildlife and help preserve Foxbury future please get in touch by emailing or call 01425650035.  Thank you.

Jake White, Community Ranger and the Foxbury’s Heritage Lottery Funded Project Manager.

Organiser’s Comments

Thank you to everyone who came to the Foxbury Event and I hope you enjoyed your run.  I can only apologise for my miscalculation of map numbers.  I added 100 extra maps for EOD but this time it obviously wasn’t enough!  We had 150 runners turn up on the day and there were those on Green, Blue and Brown who had to wait for a recycled map.  I am sorry but it did not enter my head that 150 would turn up on the day to an event which had been on Fabian4 since early September!  I am however really grateful to those who kindly gave up their map for recycling after their run. Thank you and please see the PDF files of all courses that are now posted on the website.

Pat Hart.


Picture Memory Challenge Results

Map Files

Foxbury – Brown Course
Foxbury – Blue Course
Foxbury – Green Course
Foxbury – Short Green Course
Foxbury – Light Green Course
Foxbury – Orange Course
Foxbury – Yellow Course
Foxbury – White Course