Sarum dine out in style

Sarum Orienteers annual dinner was held again at the Hamptworth Golf and Country Club.  Nearly 40 members enjoyed good food and conversation in one of those rare occasions when we manage to get together without all the hassles of helping to run an event.  This all would never take place without the hard work of Pat Hart who, yet again, did a superb job of organising the occasion.

Ben receives the Ron Ley Trophy for winning the Sarum Galoppen for the second year running
Ben receives the Ron Ley Trophy

After a splendid meal Chairman Ian Peirce presented the Club’s main awards.  This year the Martin Cochrane Trophy for significant contribution to the Club was won by Denise and Dave Mullins.  The Pam Errington Trophy for outstanding young orienteer was awarded to Hazel Cutler.  Joan Hambleton then presented the Sarum Galoppen awards.  For the second year running the Galoppen was won by Ben Chesters.  Paul Lane was second man and Ian Peirce third.  Lucy Butt was first woman, with Mum Jackie second and Club Captain Charlotte Thornton third.  Ben was not able to be at the dinner and was presented with the Ron Ley Trophy at the Compass Sport Trophy event.


Pat is awarded her 'Ricky' for organising yet another successful Sarum Dinner
Pat is awarded her ‘Ricky’

Finally we had the ‘Rickys’, an occasion that beats even the ‘Oscars’ for importance on the award presentations circuit.  These prestigious ‘Kite’ trophies commemorate significant events or achievements by club members – as seen by Ricky Thornton. There was much applause when Pat Hart was given her Ricky for organising Sarum Dinner events over many years.


Winners of the ‘Rickys’ 2015-2016

Triple SW Champ M35 2015-2016: Ben Chesters                      Posers! 2015-2016: Dave and Denise
Forest League Organiser 2015-2016: Pam Swienton                 Tortoise Award 2015-2016: Alice Thirkell
Club Galoppen Award 2015-2016: Joan Hambleton                  Marathon Training 2015-2016: Carolyn Dent
Best Attendance at Club Nights 2015-2016: Lucy Wilkinson   Control Collector 2015-2016: Rob Hick
Longest Journey, Shortest Run 2015-2016: Ian Peirce             Thumbs Up Award 2015-2016: Jeff Butt
Key Confusion Award: Mark White                                               Welcome Back!: Alice Butt
POC Award:  Alan Yeadon                                                               Thank you for Club Dinners 2015-2016: Pat Hart

Ian receives his 'Ricky' for the 'Fastest Course longest Journey'.
Ian receives his ‘Ricky’ for the Longest Journey, Shortest Run’.


Charlotte presents Alice with her 'Ricky'.
Charlotte presents Alice       with her ‘Ricky’.
Jeff receives the 'Thumbs Up' Ricky award.
Jeff receives the ‘Thumbs Up’ Ricky award.