Junior Club Nets a Winner

Set up thanks to a grant from Sport England, Sarum’s new Junior Club has just completed a very successful half term of training sessions that have proved a great hit with the children. To date we have had 18 children participate, 12 of those being newcomers. Phil Conway has devised an exciting programme for the kids that has taken the sessions to Churchill Gardens, Five Rivers and a new area at Harnham Slope. Phil is supported at the sessions by volunteers from Sarum, something which is necessary as the number of children demand the extra support. New volunteers would be welcomed with open arms.

Every session has been attended by parents who are as enthusiastic as the children about this new opportunity and already we have had new family and junior members join the main club.  News of the new Junior Club has spread by word of mouth, the web page, flyers sent to local schools and reports in The Salisbury Journal which goes to show that every form of publicity is important.

All the sessions have had fantastic photo coverage, thanks to Shane Wilkinson. Many of these are shown in the Galleries – do take a look – but Shane has created a wonderful video using great images from all the sessions.