For the first time in over seven months Sarum Orienteering Club was at last able to add another event to its fixture list. The Moonraker Relay is an annual event that this year was held in The Moot and the streets of Downton village with 53 runners from Sarum and neighbouring clubs taking part.

Planner Liz Yeadon created four intricate courses based in and around The Moot. Teams of three had to run each of the four courses twice, with no individual to run any course twice, all of which made for some complex planning and plan adjustment as the courses unfolded. The courses within the Moot comprised an odds and evens score, a micro-butterfly, the spiralling ‘Snail’  plus an urban route through a small part of Downton. Runners not in a team were able to try their hand on a score course in the Moot.

Wimborne Wanderers just pipped Sarum Medics to the win by give or take one minute in a corrected time of 194.12 min. with Wimborne Warriers (198.01mim.) and Wessex Whizbangs (200.10min.) close behind.  Sarum Opensioners enjoyed themselves so much they even ran an extra course!

On the senior score event 10 of 17 runners gained the maximum 400 points with Sarum’s Hugh Holmes (31.17 min.) coming home 3 min. ahead of club mate Terry Dickinson (34.24 min.). Ben Jacobs (Sarum)  was first junior home in 16.03 min. just ahead of Toby Halsey (16.56min.).  It was great to see a turnout of 9 Sarum juniors

Click here for Relay and Score Course results

Many thanks to Planner and Relay organiser Liz Yeadon for managing to fit in three complex courses into the miniscule area of the Moot. Thanks also to Mark White (Organiser and urban mapper),Charlotte Thornton (Controller) and Sarum volunteers, to the trustees of The Moot and Downton Parish Council and Mark White, Polly Jacobs and Ian Peirce for photos