Juniors Light Up Old Sarum

On the first evening after the end of Summer Time it was always going to get very dark, even at 5:00 pm. This didn’t stop our juniors turning up for a second training session led by Des Dickinson and involving a lot of glowsticks. This week saw eight juniors and four parents, including Des, getting involved in some genuine Night-O.

The session started with a focus on map orientation and ‘thumbing’. For this Des set out a classic ‘Naughty Numbers’ 3×3 grid marked out with glowsticks.  The youngsters then had to navigate a number of short routes with the aid of small maps prepared by Des. They managed to do this without too much disruption of the glow sticks.

Using the skills from this exercise and the pacing from last week the final challenge was to navigate round short courses set out in the rings and old cathedral foundations, with the aid of head torches and controls marked with glowsticks. This was great fun and everyone had a go at the various courses. The children had the privilege of putting our new SI kit, funded by Sport England, to its first real use. Those of us with mobile phones had great fun logging in the live results ‘service’ and watching downloaded split times appear miraculously in real time.

Volunteers collecting in controls at the end were slightly baffled by a couple of apparently mobile controls that turned out to be dogs with LED collars!

Training sessions will now switch to Saturday mornings with Tinney’s Firs first up on the list on November 13th.  Liz will be sending out an email to the juniors with final details.  These sessions are not limited to juniors. If you would like to have a go at using our new SI kit, please come and have a go – and bring your mobile ‘phone.