A beautiful autumn day welcomed over 100 runners to Foxbury for Sarum’s  local event. Foxbury has changed a lot since we first used the area with the growth of young trees starting to give some character to the map, although there is room for improvement.

The undergrowth, dense in parts, made the terrain hard at times and the uncrossable fences set route selection challenges. It will be interesting to see what Foxbury is like in late winter or early spring when the undergrowth should have died back a little.

Planner Hugh Holmes devised some challenging courses ranging from Blue down to Yellow and most competitors seemed to have enjoyed themselves. For the first time we were using the full range of our new SI kit and we are getting better at it!

The popular Blue course was won by Sam New (M21) of NWO with Nicholas Jarvis (SO) second and Robert Elston (Sarum) in 3rd place.  Mike Christopher (M65; WIM) took first place on Green ahead of Grace French (W16; WIM) and David Saunders (M60; HH) with Sarum’s Martin Goddard in 6thplace. Sarum’s Ian Tait (M70) headed the Short Green runners ahead of Kirsty Saunton (W65; WIM) and our own Bea Halsey (W16). Light Green was won by Monty Bratcher-Howard (M14; WIM). Ben Dawkins and Alex Skinner, both IND took 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. Debbie Tasker (HH; W50) won Orange and Edward Harvey (M10, WIM) won the Yellow Course with Sarum twins Charlotte and Olivia Cooke taking  4th and 5th places.

Thanks must go to The National Trust for allowing us to run at Foxbury.  Also, many thanks to those who created the event;  Planner Hugh Holmes, Organiser Mark White, who also ran the SI system, and controller Kieran Devine (SOC), Liz Yeadon who supported the key officials and, of course, thanks to the ever available Sarum volunteer helpers who make all our events work so well on the day.

Full Results are available here.

Photos kindly provided by Ian Peirce and Hugh Holmes.