What characterised the JK of 2018? – steep slopes, intricate contours, MUD and more MUD and a lot of laughter. It was especially great to see so many of the younger Sarum members competing and doing so well. “I had a clean run – just not fast enough” was frequently heard. Moreover our youngest member proudly completed the string course. When he couldn’t quite reach the control he manoevered around it until he could. He was the star of the show and the favourite of everyone.


Day 1 was a very fast sprint around the relatively straightforward Army camp at Stafford.

Day 2 was the technically challenging area of  Brereton Spurs. Total focus was essential and accurate navigation of the essence. A small mistake involved more climb by definition. Both the start and finish were uphill so it helped if you were also superfit!

Day 3 in Beaudesert was also technically challenging but somehow more straightforward. Stamina seemed to be the key to success on that day.

Day 4 The relays at Beaudesert were something else. There was talk of cancelling due to snow, which left a thin dusting on undisturbed ground. The rain soon caused this to melt but the mud took over. The assembly area was a mud pool. Trenches were dug around the computer tent to keep the water at bay. Wherever you went you just couldn’t avoid the mud. The courses were set in yet another steep intricately contoured area. The elephant tracks became so deep in mud, which together with the steep slopes made the going very tough. The young came in elated, covered in mud. The not so young came in, less mud bespattered but exhausted. It was a skating rink on a slope.

The whole weekend was full of laughter. When Tom was put in charge of dismantling the tent and transporting it to the marquee, he displayed his excellent management skills. After 5 minutes he proudly came over to say “Job done! and I personally haven’t touched the tent. Delegated!!”

The Relay Day posed a few problems as the organiser decreed that no-one could go out without a waterproof and some form of hat. Not everyone had come that prepared! So Jeff had to squeeze into Jackie’s waterproof but had to undo it or die of asphyxiation. 

Others had to don the sweaty, mud covered waterproof of someone else who’d already run. Finally it was impossible to strike the tent without it getting covered in mud – along with everyone and eveything else.

Well done to everyone who took part and rose to the challenge. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Results can be found here –

Pat & Brian.