Training at The Moot

A bitterly cold, but sunny, Saturday saw another training session for the juniors (and those of a certain age) organised by Des Dickinson. Using the small but complex features making up the Moot at Downton, Des recapped the basic skills practised in previous sessions and then let everyone loose on a Score course that made the most of the surroundings.

Thia was another opportunity to trial our new SIAC contactless timing kit. Everyone was somewhat confused by the apparent random failure of the contactless feature. There was much creative discussion as to the reasons behind this and the possible impact of gripples passed through the dibber ‘hole’. Further reflection also implicated the activated status of the control units. Obviously we need a little more experience before using the kit on a live event – but we’ll get there.

We now intend to move on from specific skills training to providing coaching at events and Des is planning to do this starting in the New Year, when he will seek to provide short training sessions at events to help the juniors progress up the colour-coded course ladder.

Many thanks to Gwyn Davies for the action shots in the gallery below.