Foxbury – New Year’s Day 2019

Come and celebrate the New Year with us at Foxbury. We would be delighted to see all our orienteering friends. You might be lucky and get a really tasty cup of hot chocolate at the end of your run!!!

**  220 maps available for the score course.


Foxbury 2019 Final Details

Venue: 1.5 miles North of M27 Junction 2, off the A36 between Ower and West Wellow

Parking: Car park with all-weather matting. Entrance off Blackhill Road at GR SU297177

Terrain: A mixed area of heathland, marsh and woodlands with a well defined network of tracks and with many small features.

Map: 1:10,000, 5m contours, pre-marked and waterproof.

Entry Fees: EOD Seniors £6, Juniors £3.

Electronic Punching: Emit. Seniors hire £1.50, Juniors 50p.

Courses: 1 hour Festive Score with some roving controls; White and Yellow courses for beginners
Registration: 1130-1215 hrs

Starts: Start times between 12:00 – 12:30 hrs. Go when you are ready.
Courses close: 13:30 hrs

Facilities: First Aid, Hot Chocolate, No toilets – nearest at McDonalds at the end of the A36.
Dogs: Dogs permitted on a lead in the Assembly area only. No dogs in the plantation.

Planner: Mark White – Sarum
Organiser: William White – Sarum 07710587590,
Controller: Jeff Butt – Sarum