Sarum Saunter 2019

The Sarum Saunter is to be held at Great Ridge – ST 930360 – off the A303 S.W. of Wylye on Sunday 10th. March 2019. This will be a Ranking Level B Event.


Sarum Saunter Master Final Details March 10th. 2019

Venue:       Great Ridge – ST 930360 – off the A303 S.W. of Wylye.

Terrain:     Mixed woodland with a good network of paths. We are using the more technical east of the map.

Map:          1:10,000 partially updated by Nick Nourse in 2017 amendments 2019 and waterproof.

Parking:     Signed off the A303 near Chicklade – GR ST 927345

Registration:             Online entries preferred to before Sunday March 3rd. 2019. Final details and results will be available on-line at Entry enquiries 01794390593 – before 9p.m. please!

Fees:          Seniors £11.00 Junior/Student £5.00. Entry on the day while maps last – Senior £13 Junior/Student £5. For White, Yellow and Orange courses Seniors £7.00

 E.O.D.        All courses while maps last. Registration 9.30a.m. – 12 noon.

Electronic Punching: The event will be using Emit on all courses. Emit hire Seniors £1.50 Juniors 50p.

 Courses:  The courses available are summarised in the following table. A free ”string” course is available. Courses close at 2.30p.m.

                                                              SUGGESTED AGE CLASSES


White               Easy                                M10B, W10B

Yellow              Quite easy                       M10, W10, M12B,W12B

Orange            Moderate                         M12, W12, M14B, W14B, W21N

Light Green     Difficult                            M14, W14, W75-85, M16B, W16B, M70-85S, W55-70S

Short Green    Difficult                            M75-85, W65-70, M65S, W45S-50S, W18S-20S

Green              Difficult                            M70, W16, W55-60, M55-60S, W35S-40S

Short Blue       Difficult                            M65, W45-50, W18-20, M45S-50S, M18S-20S, W21S

Blue                 Difficult                            M16, M55-60,  W35-40, M35S-40S

Short Brown    Difficult                            M18-20, M45-50, W21, M21S

Brown              Difficult                            M35-40

Black               Difficult                            M21

Dogs:         Dogs are welcome but must be on leads – both in the assembly area and on courses.

 Traders:    O’Nosh catering.

Starts:        10.00 – 12.30 A punching start with pre allocated start times.

Safety:       Whistles obligatory. Cagoules advisory. First Aid.  Toilets:  At assembly.

 Officials:    Planner: Martin Goddard   Organiser and Entries Enquiries:  Pat Hart  01794 390593   hartpatmy(at)  Controller:  Chris Kelsey – BOK

 Conditions:   The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers. In the event of cancellation, all or part of the entry fee may be retained to cover costs already incurred. All Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.